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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

The Boyz On Shane

Stephen on Shane:
"He's always been a lovely friendly guy"

Ronan on Shane:
"Shane is a very cool, calm, very collected kind of guy. He takes everything in his stride."

Keith on Shane:
"He doesn't worry about nothing. He'll never have a worry line - he has no worries at all!"

Mikey on Shane:
"He looks after himself well - he eats well, sleeps well, trains - the whole lot"

How would you paint a picture of Shane?
Ronan: Out in a car or on a bike.
Keith: Sunglasses on, hair greased back, showing off the bod - with a very calm look across his face.
Ronan: He'd be sitting on the bonnet of his Lamborgini. With loads of jewellery on.

Does Shane think he's an oil painting - a good looking fella?
Steve: He knows that he's good looking.
Ronan: He has the perfect face. He hasn't got big ears or a big nose - he hasn't got bandy teeth like me.

If you were painting him what would you make Shane's best feature?
Ronan: It has to be his eyebrow.It's what everyone seems to pick up on.
Keith: And his teeth are absolutely perfect.
Mikey: His stare - he's got a stare that'll look through you.

And his worst?
Ronan: You couldn't pick one.
Mikey: His hair. On our last Smash Hits cover he had a curl of hair, like a quiff - that upset him a bit.
Steve: We'd have to sort his hair out.

How do you picture Shane as an old bloke?
Keith: Like his dad.
Ronan: He'll have a big head of hair and look pretty much the same.
Mikey: He'll still look slick when he's 60, still with all the bracelets and neck-chains, piercing and rings.

How has Shane changed?
Keith: He's more focused, he's become the person he always wanted to be.
Mikey: He can afford to look exactly how he wants now.

What will be the lasting picture you keep of Shane in your memory?
Ronan: Shane and I once went out racing together - that'll always sum Shane up to me.
Steve: In Brazil we went to the Grand Prix, that's Shane - he was in his element there.
Ronan: Cars just seem to sum him up - he's really into them.

How would you describe Shane to someone who has never met him?
Mikey : If I'm describing him to someone who doesn't know him, I'll tell them he could appear very confident, possibly arrogant, an outsider. You can easily get the wrong impression of him.
Keith : A cool looking geezer, not a very deep person. What you see is what you get. He likes his own way most of the time - and usually gets it. He's very strong-minded, always thinks he's right and when he's wrong he won't admit it.
Ronan : Shane is a very cool, calm, very collected kind of guy. He takes everything in his stride. Tall, dark and handsome!
Steve : Quiet, together, a friend and a nice guy.

What would you say is Shane's most special contribution to Boyzone?
Mikey : Like the rest of us, it's just him - his whole image, his personality. Boyzone isn't just about one or two personalities, but if he was to leave then we would miss his style, his way of dressing. He's a piece of a jigsaw, because Boyzone is a jigsaw made up of five pieces, not just one - so therefore without one piece the band isn't complete.
Keith : He's one of the best dancers in the band, he's the cool looking fella, he's the one that wears all the gold. He's the attitude of the band. He has a big role to play and he does it well.
Ronan : Just being him - like all of us. We all have our individual personalities and he has his. He's a very special guy.
Steve : A lot of things - mostly his attitude and his looks.

What were your first impressions?
Mikey : The first time I'd seen him was at the auditions. He was a mechanic by trade and when I saw him that night he looked as mechanics do - not scruffy, but you knew he was just after finishing work!
Keith : I've known Shane all me life. He was always a nice young fella. Years ago I felt a lot older than him than I do now, he's after growing up quite a lot and I never grew up! I used to go out with his sister and we always got on pretty well. He was always into motorbikes and dirt and BMX's and I was always into showers and clean clothes and stuff! I admired him - we were always in competition with each other over the good looking girls because we lived in the same area. He won half and I won half in the end!
Ronan : Yeah I remember it well. He was a cool geezer. We didn't hit it off straight away meself and Shane, we didn't know each other very well, but now we're very good mates.
Steve : I met him a few years before the auditions at dance competitions and stuff, and when I first met him I don't think he liked me! I was really quiet, I wouldn't talk to anyone and it took a long time for him to get to know me. Eventually we got talking and became friends, and when we got into Boyzone we knew we'd be mates.

Is the Shane of back then much different to the Shane of today?
Mikey : Yeah a lot different. He's more confident than he was then - then he didn't talk in interviews, he took a step back a lot of the time and he was very very quiet. And now he never shuts up! He pushes himself forward a lot more now...
Keith : Absolutely and totally. Shane was a really shy person who was afraid to be himself who was constantly refraining from saying anything that he didn't think was important. Now he hides all the shyness with this cool image of being the popstar - wearing the cool flash clothes, driving the nice cars. He's changed because he had to - this is the only life that he'd be happy in really. Because he's such a shy guy he has this big attitude, this front to hide behind. But he loves it, and he says himself that he's changed.
Ronan : He's grown up an awful lot, matured a lot. Before we didn't know each other, now we're good mates - we've got to know each other, now we're real close. Like brothers.
Steve : He's changed for the better, he's well able to cope with things and he knows what he wants in life. This is what he wants to do, he loves doing this. He's always been a lovely friendly guy.

What's his most likeable quality?
Mikey : I think he looks after himself well - he eats well, sleeps well, trains - the whole lot. That's a very good quality about him.
Ronan : He's very honest, straight to the point. Doesn't mess around. He won't hide anything - if he's got a problem, he'll tell you.
Keith : I think the same - he's straight up.
Steve : He's always been very pleasant to people - the girls, the fans, he's always been like this. He's got a great outlook on life, he doesn't let things get to him. He's a strong person. I wish I was more like him, I admire him.

What's his most annoying habit?
Mikey : Now and again he'll be sitting at a table and he'll be scribbling all over something or he'll be playing with the salt. He's actually very creative and artistic but at times he directs it in the wrong way - he'll destroy a table by turning it into a work of art with the salt and pepper and ripping serviettes to bits.
Keith : When there's a full moon, he's like an anti-christ - he's really hard to get on with when there's a full moon...
Ronan : ...he just goes really quiet when there's a full moon - it's not a bad habit I guess, he just goes very quiet.
Steve : I don't know whether Shane has many habits actually...I don't know!


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