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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

S'more Stuff On Shane

J Shane Loves cars
J Shane Is the most dedicated dancer in Boyzone and practises his dance routines more than all the others
J Shane Has four earrings
J Shane Dreams every night
J Shane Has bad dreams if he sleeps on his back
J Shane Has adventure dreams if he sleeps on his side
J Shane Has normal dreams if he sleeps on his belly
J Shane had his first real relationship with a girl at the age of 17. The girl was 21..
J Shane Is quite shy and has been accused of often being moody
J Shane Claims he has good taste in clothes
J Shane Was kicked out of school for swearing in class

Shane wanted to be a pop star since the age of 12, but he worked as a petrol station attendant while he was at school, and immediately before Boyzone he was working as an apprentice mechanic at his Dad's garage.

"The whole thing has been a complete bonus, we didn't expect any of this, we didn't know it was gonna go anywhere"

"First time I thought I was famous was when I went to a Take That concert in Dublin. I'd been in the paper the day or the week before,and while I was at the concert loads of people asked me for me autograph. It was before we'd even put out a record. I thought I was the business!"

"All our fans are cool. We wouldn't be where we are without fans, so the more we have the better it is!"

"I was about three and on holiday in America. I remember the hotel we were staying in and the rooms had connecting doors. When I opened my door there was a lady with blonde hair. I don't know why, but I remember that really clearly - probably cos I got such a fright!"

Toothbrush, spot cream and tweezers

Has there been any point in the last year when you've wanted out of Boyzone?
Not for me than 10 minutes. It's mostly in the morning. I hate getting up more than anything else in the world. I lie there in my bed and think, "Forget it! I'm leaving. I'm not going to work no more. I'll just get a normal job somewhere." After them few minutes of madness, I get up and go to work. Exactly the same thing happens the next day though. Ha ha! I'm only jokin'! I very seldom do that!

What's been your most pleasurable experience in the last year?
What d'you mean? Like for Mikey, having a baby? You see, that's special. I can't think of something like that.

Do you still get lonely?
Naah not any more. I'm quite comfortable with the guys now. They're me family. I miss me own family, but I've grown up and become more independent. It happens to everybody.

Is there anything that has upset you recently?
Nothing at all. I don't tend to get very upset. Obviously I have done over certain things in the past, but not recently. I've learnt to just think, "Damn it. Just damn it!" You don't need to be upset.

How would you define love?
Love is when you're at work and you think, "I just can't wait to get home." And eventually you get married because you 100% want to, not because you think you should. Sadly, I'm not in love at the moment!

Would you still like to be a dad?
(His voice goes all gooey!) Yeah. I'd like to have six kids. I definitely want more boys than girls. I have five sisters, so I would want more boy- power in my family. It would be less of a worry for me. If I have daughters, well...I know how boys think and when she brings her first boyfriend home, I'd crush his hand!

Are you wealthy now?
Put it this way, if I was still a mechanic, I think I would earn one eighth of what I earn now. But even back then I had two cars. I had a nice life. Whether you want to call what I have now wealth - some people would, some people wouldn't. It's all comparative.

What's your wildest fantasy?
To do with love and stuff? I've always been attracted to older women, so my fantasy would involve someone between 26 and 40. But I don't think I'd do anything about it, though. I'd bottle out. Since the age of about five, I've fancied older women. My primary school teachers and all. I was madly into one of my teachers called Miss Gartland. She got married while I was still at school and I was absolutely gutted for ages after. The lady I loved in secondary school was Miss Ryan. I've seen her since and believe me she's still really hot!

What's the strangest dream you've ever had?
I always have mad dreams. I love them 'cause I can actually control what I dream about. In my dreams I can make myself do what I want. I can get up and go to the toilet, as you do at night, and come back and finish off the dream. I love nightmares - I don't know why. I love the buzz of waking up and going, "Yes, thank the Lord that was just a dream!"

Are you happy with the way you look?
Yeah. I change all the time, be it my hair or whatever. It's not 'cause I'm upset with the way I look or anything. Just for a little variety. I couldn't ask for very much more.

How do you feel when Ronan and Stephen attract most of the attention?
I know one thing for sure. When we're playing live, and we do the song Said and Done, Steve does his part and I have the biggest grin on my face, like you wouldn't believe. It's just a natural reaction 'cause there's the biggest roar from the audience. I'm so happy for him and I know he loves it. He feels wanted-Stephen needs that. I don't feel jealous at all.

When will you be taking lead vocals on a single?
I'm not interested. I'm happy to let them get on with it. I like dancing to be honest. I'm not into singin' as far as leads are concerned. I know that when Ro goes on tour, he doesn't do an awful lot of dancing 'cause he's singing all the time. I wouldn't like that at all. I couldn't do with not dancing.

What's the most tedious part of being in Boyzone?
Nothing really. I think I love it all. Apart from getting up in the mornings, of course!

How much longer do you think Boyzone will last?
I don't know. You can't really predict the future. I don't ever see me not being in this group. Simply because I don't ever not want to be in this group. So I'm afraid I don't know.

Shane On Love
Love IS... The sweetest thing

Love ISN'T... An excuse for staying off work

Love HURTS when... You're getting a tooth out

Love CAN"T happen if... You're the last person in the world

Love's BEST when... You're in love

TRUE love means... Something personal

The best VALENTINES day ever would be... Nothing. I don't like Valentines Day

When I'm IN LOVE I... Can't sleep

copyright Boyzone Magazine 1997

     - BY SHANE

Now you know that I'm not the kind of lad who goes, "Phwoar!" at women in the street! But, OK, I'm only human! I notice when someone is attractive and there are times I think, Mmmmmm.. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in as to who I fancy. It's strange but tall, leggy women aren't usually my type, they're most likey to catch my eye. Which is opposite to my taste in actual girlfriends- I prefer petite women.

I'd never wolf-whistle at a girl, even under my breath. Thats not my style. But if a girl has something special, maybe just the way she walks or holds herself, then I will comment, "Oh, she's really beautiful" But it wouldn't necessarily make me think, "Oh, I really want to be with her."

I actually prefer a girl to look causal rather than be overdressed. I do like sexy clothes, but only those that leave a lot of imagination. I also like girls who wear funky stuff, the kind of hip-hop clothes that I tend to wear.

When I first meet a girl, I'll be attracted to her if she's just being herself. I don't like people who try to be someone they're not. A real turn-off is a girl who's sarcastic. It's someting that happens to us quite a lot- I don't know whether its because we're in a band. Perhaps its to cover up shyness or maybe she really doesn't like me, but its very unatrractive. I prefer someone to be sweet and gentle.

I'd never score women out of ten, as some guys do, but I will comment on someone who's nice. Even if a girl is really really nice though, I would never ask her out. One reason is that I'm too shy! But also its not my style to chase a woman. If she wants me she can come and get me!

The part of a woman's body that really turns me on is..her nails! They don't have to be perfectly manicured or painted, I just love long nails. Really long nails. If a woman rubs her nails up and down my back, oooh that's something else. That dows it for me.

Another big turn-on is a woman who's into cars and motorbikes. That's very sexy. I don't like the obvious look though, you know, long blonde hair and black leather, that's tacky. I prefer a classy woman. She doesn't necessarily need to ride or race cars, but be the kind of person who says, "Wow, thats a nice car!" or "Hey, what a bike!"

copyright Top of the Pops Magazine July 1997


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