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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

The Boyz On Keith

Shane on Mikey :
"He's a good craic at times, but I think he's a bit of a worrier.He's quite sensible in the sense he likes to think about things,make sure everything's alright"

Ronan on Mikey :
"He definitely knows how to enjoy himself does Mick, he knows how to have a laugh. But when he's not having a laugh, you know when he's down or upset"

Keith on Mikey :
"Mikey's a good bloke, a fun guy, good friend, out for a laugh. A nightmare when he's tired - but a genuine decent bloke"

Stephen on Mikey :
"A very nice person, friendly, a deep thinking person"

How would you paint a picture of Mikey?
: Definitely sitting down in his own with a guitar in his hands. On tour he spends a lot of time in his room with the guitar.
Shane: Wearing blue jeans, a pair of runners, white T-shirt and a black leather jacket.

Does Mikey think he's an oil painting - a good lookin' fella?
Shane: He's not bad-looking, opinions vary depending on what your taste is.
Keith: I think he contributes a lot to the look of Boyzone.
Ronan: I think he knows he has his moments. He'd like the picture over the fireplace in his house.
Steve: But if it was in my house I'd put it in the attic, ha ha.

If you were painting him what would you make Mikey's best physical feature?
Shane: His nose!
Ronan: No, when he's laughing, he's got a great sense of humour especially when him and
Keith get together.
Steve: Yeah, his little smile is great, that's his best feature.

What's his worst?
Ronan: His nose!
Shane: I like his nose, if I was painting him I would draw his nose bigger.
Ronan: Wouldn't you try to hide it?
Shane: No, I'd emphasise it.

How do you picture Mikey as an old bloke?
Ronan: Almost the same as he is now
Shane: Look, there's no harm in being honest - he would look just like Mr. Bean wouldn't he?
ALL: Ha ha ha ha!

How has he changed?
Keith: He's got a bit older looking. We can all still look like little boys if we want to, if we shave and brush our hair. Mikey couldn't.
Ronan: If I get my hair cut I look about eight years old.

What will be the lasting picture you keep of Mikey in your memory?
Steve:Him telling jokes, he's great at it, he really gets into the character.
Keith: Or his laugh.
Ronan: He used to pretend to act like a four-year-old and talk to
Keith in baby language going "Hllwellooo Kweeiffth". That made me laugh so much and it's something I doubt I'll ever forget. It was hilarious!


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