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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

The Boyz On Keith
Shane on Keith:
"I've known Keith for about fourteen years and I always thought he was really cool because he was always so well turned out!"

Ronan on Keith:
"He's a guy with a big heart, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He's just a very soft, caring guy"

Stephen on Keith:
"He's funny, wild, friendly and exciting! He's a great spokesperson, he stands up for us"

Mikey on Keith:
"He has a big heart, he's good fun, but a bit troublesome..."

How would you paint a picture of Keith?
Ronan: Having a laugh with all his mates, in a bar or a restaurant, lots of atmosphere, with him as the centre of attention.
Steve: Maybe with him standing on top of a table with people all listening to him.
Ronan: And he'd have to be wearing a pari of leather trousers and a suede shirt - that's what he likes and a silver chain around his neck.
Shane: But he should have a bit of a worried face, as if he's looking for something, he's forever losing something.
Mikey: Keith is always looking for something - he's literally looking for something. I think he's a bit lost and needs a bit of direction in his life.

Does Keith think he's an oil painting - a good lookin' fella?
Mikey: He has his good days.
Ronan: He's a good looking chap
Shane: He wouldn't need a painting, he loves the mirror.

If you were painting him what would you make Keith's best physical feature?
Ronan: It would have to be his teeth.
Shane: And his broadness. He's a big lad.

What's his worst?
Steve: That would have to be his teeth again...
Ronan: ...He hates his teeth but everyone else loves them.

How do you picture Keith as an old bloke?
Shane: He'll be just like he is now 'til his 90... mad!
Mikey: Having a drink, on his phone, having a laugh. He'll still be wearing leather.
Ronan: He'll still have long hair but it'll be grey, Keith will never change his hairstyle.

How has he changed?
Mikey: He hasn't...
Steve: ... his hair's just got longer.
Shane: Although his teeth were perfect before he came into the band. He knocked one out in Cork on a glass bottle of lemonade.
Ronan: The other was him falling off his bike wasn't it?

What will be the lasting picture you keep of Keith in your memory?
Steve: Always in for a good time, last up in the morning and the last to bed at night.
Shane: If you're ever late you've nothing to worry about 'cos you know Keith will be later.
Ronan: He was like the lad at school - if you hadn't done your homework he wouldn't have done his either!


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