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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

The Boyz On Ronan

Shane on Ronan:
"He's got a very big heart Ro has - he'd definitely do anything for anybody - even if he didn't know you he'd still do it, he's a really really kind-hearted person"

Steve on Ronan:
He's the type of person who's very generous, very friendly, very honest and just very sincere"

Keith on Ronan:
"He likes people to like him, he's a very loveable person, he'll do anything for you, he's a very good friend. And he's very professional - he's so professional he makes me sick at times! He's just a very nice bloke!"

Mikey on Ronan:
He's only a young fella but he acts a lot older, he's a decent fella, a concerned kind of person..."

How would you paint a picture of Ronan?
Shane: Very professional, he is the centre of attention, but he never tries to be. He just is.
Mikey: Like at an exclusive party, he'd be chatting minding his own business, but everyone's looking at him.
Steve: He's so modest it's unbelievable.
Shane: He'd be dressed very smartly though, Armani and Prada clothes.

Does he think he's an oil painting - a good lookin' fella?
Mikey: He doesn't, does he? Ronan's always looking at other movie stars and pop stars thinking 'I want to look like them'.
Shane: He copies a lot of his stuff from them.
Keith: He thinks the only reason that anyone fancies him is 'cos he's in a band.
Steve: He'd put his painting under his bed. He's very modest.

What's his best feature?
Shane: His hair.
Mikey: It'd have to be his luvverly blond hair.

And his worst?
Steve: He'd say his teeth, he really doesn't like them.
Shane: Nothing else though.

How do you picture him as an old bloke?
Shane: I think he'd be a very smart old man and he's so modest he'd always be very friendly. He'd be the sort of old bloke who'd talk to you on the bus.

Has he changed?
Keith: Oh Jesus yes! He used to be so shy and young, and unsure about himself.
Shane: And now he says what he likes and does what he likes - there's no backing off. He has definitely changed the way in which he dresses too.

What will be the lasting picture you keep of Ronan in your memory?
Steve: Of him as a gentleman.
Mikey: Helping an old lady across the road...
Keith: ...Or holding the door open for someone...
Shane: ...Or saying 'God Bless You' to everyone. That's Ronan.


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