most memorable moments
After 10 years I could come up with umpteen moments …. The day was January 1st , 1997. I opened the door of my house in the morning & there she was. It meant a great deal to spend the first day of the year together . And the same year she came to my house with her a leg in cast " just to see me. " I knew she was mad then but what the heck that’s one of the things I like about her. Ah and then there's one bout Pudin Hara, but I'll leave that for another occasion.
I have a really bad memory .. So coming up with memorable moments really overloads my brains… yeah.. once he turned up with a coupla friends ( as my cousin) to see me in my hostel.. and I was staying in the central jail run by nuns who could smell the air and say, "FI FI FO FUM, I smell a male in the campus. He gave me a real big shock.. I couldn’t even scream at him for almost getting me caught by the penguins. Then … This year when I was having my interview for Wipro in the college.. he kept calling me up every hour or so pepping me up and telling me to go in there and give my best shot. Finally when my name was called out as one of the people who made it, right at that moment the mobile rang and it was Giri!!!! One of the happiest moments in my life was made even better by sharing that lovely moment with him.
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