the mud slinging
The best thing I like about Rasmi is her ability to speak with logical arguments for what she believes in. She's the most courageous person I know. But going shopping with her is out of the question. We visited a shoe store once & after 15 mins there were no shoes left on the racks; they were all around us. And then she asks me - where's my shoe & I told her - I think somebody else is trying it on. And her ability to bargain , again logically , made me cringe in my shoes.
He has the uncanny ability to make everybody like him and think he is " such a sweet guy" who would pray for the soul of an ant he just stamped on. GOD!!! They can be so WRONG!!! The biggest nagger award should definitely be going to him!!!! To top it up, he never lets me forget my blunders and makes sure the rest of the world knows them too. But what I like the best in him is the RARE quality of listening…. He is the best listener in the world…. Will listen for hours to everything you say .. and I guess that’s what makes him click with everyone.
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