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We were walking along this lane with shops on either side selling all sorts of trinkets for the tourists. And there were hideous masks hanging outside a shop. I told her " Hey Rasmi look, they're selling masks of you". And quick as a flash she says " that’s cos all of yours have been taken."
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I really don’t remember that one, Giri. But I do remember the BLUNDER OF THE DECADE.
September 17th, 2001. I had a function in the college, LOGIN 2001, and was stuck with work upto my neck. Girish called me up in the morning and I asked him, "Why are you calling me up on a Sunday when your half rates are on Fri? " He said, " I knew you would forget. " He paused and asked , " Do you know what is today's date? " That was when it struck me that I had absolutely deleted it from my mind that it was his BIRTHDAY!!!! Forget gifts, I forgot to even wish him!!!! I tried to make it up by asking a friend of mine to buy him a bouquet of flowers in Dubai and send it to his office. As a backup , I asked his cousin to do so too. And just as luck would have it…. The flowers never reached him… Both the guys weren't able to get it done in time
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