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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

The Truth Is Out There
Do you believe... aliens?
StephenYes, I definitely do. I think you'd be a bit naive if you didn't. There are so many people who claim to have seen things, there must be something to their stories.
MikeyUh-huh. I think over the next three to four years we're definitely going to see extra-terrestrials land on our planet. I think my only fear is whether they come in peace or war - but then we have a lot of ways to defend outselves.
KeithI don't agree with the others. If there was life in outer space we'd have found it by now.

...Paul Mckenna could hypnotise you?
KeithNo way, I just know he couldn't. All that hypnotism mumbo jumbo doesn't interest me in the slightest, it's a waste of time.
StephenI believe that it only works on some people and I'm not sure it would work on me. I would love to be hypnotised though, as long as the hypnotist didn't make me do something embarrassing like flapping around like a chicken.
MikeyPaul McKenna could if I wanted, cos all hypnosis is only self-hypnosis and occasionally I hypnotise myself. The hypnotist is only a shepherd leading a flock and it's up to the flock whether they want to follow. (Crikey!)People who are hypnotised are either not very secure within themselves or they're looking for somewhere to go. can ever be completely happy?
KeithI'd say yes. If I didn't think I could be 100 percent happy there would be no point in going on. I hope one day I will be completely happy.
MikeyI do believe there is the possibility of it one day - and one day I'll find it.
StephenI don't think you can ever find true happiness. You can be very content, but happniness changes. You can be happy one day and sad and tortured the next day, and that's not really anything to do with outside things, that's to do with how you feel inside.

...Teletubbies deserves all the attention it's been getting?
KeithTeletubbies?I've never heard of it.
Mikey It's a kid's program? I don't know them.
Stephen C'mon, Teletubbies! (Ten minutes of impressions later)I think Teletubbies is a great programme for kids. I mean, I'm not a kid and I really enjoy it. I can tell you their colours and their really weird names - Po, Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky and Dipsy and they live on a green hill with flowers everywhere. I like Teletubbies.

...ignorance is bliss?
StephenNo, never. Ignorance is a bad thing. I think you should try your best to know something about everything. If you feel you're missing something out, butt in and ask questions! Stand up for yourself and make yourself heard!
Keith If I hadn't been in Boyzone I would have stayed ignorant to a lot of the ways of the world and I would have missed out. I think it's good to know about things, even if it leads me into trouble.
Mikey If ignorance is bliss, it's only helpful who can't handle the truth. If I was to find out I was seriously ill I'd be depressed for a while and then I'd say, 'Well, I might as well go out and enjoy myself. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen.' Would I take an AIDS test? I've taken a few, luckily I've always been OK. But it's something I'm very careful about! can see someone's soul by looking into their eyes?
Mikey I can read a person like a book by looking at their eyes. If someone looks away when you look closely at them, it's because they don't want you to see their soul.
Keith I disagree. Maybe some people can judge a character by looking in people's eyes, but I certainly can't.
Stephen Oh yes you can! I think the eyes tell a lot about a person. You can tell if someone has a good sense of humour by their eyes - it's all in the laughter lines!

...everyone has a price?
Mikey Yes, money can definitely tempt people.
KeithI think we'd like to say everyone doesn't have a price, but that remains to be seen.
Stephen I believe everything has a price but not everyone. How much would it take for me to pose naked? Oh, I'd do it for a million. find it harder to resist temptation than women?
Keith No. Why? Because women fought for years for women's lib, and if they want it, they can have the responsibility for their actions too.
MikeyI think it's more difficult for men.
Stephen I don't. I think temptation is very equal between men and women. They say men can't help but be tempted but women can't help it either. Is it a bad thing to resist temptation? I don't know if it is or not. I could resist if I wanted to. But if I really really wanted something I'd have to have it.

...honesty is always the best policy?
Stephen I don't know, I've never been honest, heh heh! Although sometimes it's OK to tell a little white lie, just a little one. But you shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.
Keith It's the best policy every single time. I'm very honest. In important relationships with people I'm always honest. I can't lie. I couldn't live with myself if I did. I have to tell the truth regardless of the consequences.
Mikey In an ideal world honesty is always the best but then again there are so many dishonest people in the world you have to be careful - sometimes you have to tell lies to save your own skin! I've certainly been in that situation before!

"I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see!" says Mikey. Does this mean Boyzone normally tell lies then? We decided to force Shane and Ronan to tell us the truth about their manager, ear-biting boxers and (gulp) the electric chair, whil over t'page Stephen, Keith and Mikey reveal all about UFOs, temptation and Teletubbies...

Do you believe...

...everything your manager tells you?
Ronan Yeah. I trust Louis. He tries to keep us happy - perhaps he might not mention something to us for that reason - but he's a very trustworthy and very true person.
Shane Believe Louis? No way! Not at all. Louis will blatantly lie straight to your face. For example there was a story in the paper about Ronan and Vernie and Ro went to Louis and said, "Why'd you put this story in the paper?" Louis swore that he hadn't - and he had. Louis sees any story as good press.

...there's no business like showbusiness?
Ronan For me there isn't. It's the best business for me to be in. Everybody has a role in their life and this is what I'm here to do. I love getting up in the morning knowing what I'm going to do. I'm going to a job that I love very much. But not even a job, it's my life.
ShaneUh-huh, although I could be just as happy doing something else. Being in Boyzone is great, I've met a lot of great people, but I was a mechanic before and I was very happy. This opportunity came along to make more money and that's why I became involved.

...that sex is overrated?
ShaneIt depends. A lot of people are shy and inhibited about their bodies and they probably wouldn't want to speak about sex or interact with sexual things. But then a lot are open-minded, 'show me your bits and I'll show you mine' type people. Everyone sees sex in a different way, but me personally, I like sex. I don't think it's overrated.
Ronan It's not the most important thing in a relationship, but it is important. There's affection, there's love, there's giving somebody a hug - but I believe that most people like sex. (Laughing) I'm sure I will. ghosts?
Shane yes. I've had a lot of spiritual experiences. I can't really describe it except to say that a spirit or a ghost has touched me. In fact, I'm in contact with a spirit quite regularly!
Ronan I believe in them too. Who knows where spirits may end up. I believe because I'd be afraid that if I said I didn't they'd come and haunt me to prove it. Have I seen any? God has never wanted me to see one so I haven't, so far.

...the best things in life are free?
Ronan Absolutely. Love is one of the most wonderful things you can find in the world. It picks you up when you're down. There's nothing better. Am I talking from experience? Well, let's just say that I'm very happy at the moment.
Shane The best things include the free things - like love and your family - but if you stop threr you under-estimate the world. Love is a part of life which helps other sides of yourself. Personally I love fast cars and being on a racetrack with a girl and cars. They're the best material things for me in life. capital punishment?
Shane I don't think any government should be able to say someone should die, so I don't agree with capital punishment. I don't believe in hanging but I believe in revenge. Whoever has been afflicted should have their say in the punishment. If the family wanted the person dead then I would say yes. If some psychopath had killed a member of my family we should be allowed to kill that person ourselves.
RonanI don't believe in the death sentence but I do think hanging and the electric chair let people off pretty easily. If someone is a rapist or a murderer they should spend the rest of their life in jail to suffer a living purgatory. Leave them here on earth to suffer because when they eventually die they're going to be judged by God anyway.'s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
Ronan That's a line from a song. It continues..."but if you sit down and count the cost, well, there's no profit at all". It's by Del Amitri. Do I believe it? Yeah, definitely, because then at least you will have learned something. If you fall in love and it doesn't work out you'll eventually find something else which is close to those words and you may learn to feel content with that.
Shane To me, if you've loved someone and they've left, it couldn't have been love really, not real love. On the other hand, if you have loved someone and, God forbid, they died on you, then that's real loss. If you've never loved maybe you don't know any better. To love and to lose is tragic so maybe you would be better never really being in love at all.

...Mike Tyson should be allowed to stay in boxing?
Ronan Boxing is an animal's game, anyway, so why not? I love watching boxing, it's magic. I saw that Tyson fight and I loved it. I thought it was absolutely brilliant.
Shane No, he shouldn't be allowed to stay, but respect to Mike Tyson. I think prison messed him up, turned him the wrong way. But at the same time, I do think he was only playing with the geezer's ear, psyching him out. And he tried to win. God loves a trier! never forget your first love?
Ronan I'm sure that's true. But you only love properly once. Let's say you never forget your first crush. I was 14 and it lasted a year. I don't see her anymore but I often think of what she's doing, where she is.
Shane I would say you definitely remember - you never forget your love because if you're really properly in love you will be with that person for the rest of your life, and won't want to have - or be able to have - the chance to forget them!

...that you should fight for your country in a time of war?
Shane If I had a wife and children who needed me I would try my best not to fight for my country amd deal with my own personal commitments. But if not fighting meant my wife and children would be harmed, then I would fight, to protect them, my own blood, the people I love and care about.
Ronan I'm sure I would fight. I love my family and my country and I love the people. I'd do anything to keeo them safe... but I don't believe in taking life. I'd have to be in that situation to know. I probably wouldn't. (Pause) I don't know, actually I probably would.'ve been on earth before in another life?
Ronan I don't know. I've never felt that I have but maybe I was a bird or something - I love to feel free with the wind in my face. I bought a Harley-Davidson motorbike a couple of months ago, and I love it. I wear a helmet and sunglasses and no one knows it's me. The monile phone's in my pocket but if it rings I can't hear it. It's incredible.
Shane I can't remember anything about it if I was. When people claim they've lived before they always say they used to be a famous person, but then if someone in the future said they'd been in Boyzone in a previous life, everybody would like yeah, right, and fob him off. Who knows?

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