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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

Bad Byz
"We've had enough of people thinking we're a soft boy band!" says Shane. So now, for the very first time, bad boys Boyzone reveal all to TOTP about strippers, shandy booze and stopping out all night...

When was the last time you partied so hard you couldn't remember what you got up to?
Shane : The last time? Probably a couple of nights ago when we were at home in Dublin.
Ronan :(Groans) Oh, that was my worst for a long time! We went to The Pod Club and we did some serious partying. But you know, I'm reaching that point where I can't do it anymore. I had a quiet night last ngiht and woke up this morning and felt good. I was like, "Hey this is great. This i what it's like to feel good in the morning." But we're not that bad. We like a drink. We don't fall asleep in our own sick or anything.
Mikey : We just don't remember who's sick it is, haha!
Keith : I can never remember everything I did the night before. I have blackouts all the time. But I just can't do it anymore. I can't take the pace. (pauses) But of course I'll be out on Saturday night. I know I will.

What's the biggest scrap yo've had with another member of Boyzone?
Ronan : I've sworn at them all - but I do that all the time! I've gotten into a fight with Keith and one with Mike. It happens. You get into a bit of a verbal, make a few comments, and a "Shut up you!" But it ends there. It only happens when we're tired, we start getting on each others' nerves.

Have you ever been interviewed when you were shandy boozed-up?
Steve : Um, I did actually on my 21st birthday in Argentina. I went out for a champagne lunch and completely forgot I still had interviews to do. In the end I had to be collected from the restaurant and taken to the interviews. Shane was sitting beside me saying, "Shhhh! Don't say a word, just let me answer for you." But by this time I was like, "Let me tell ya...!"

When was your last X-rated evening?
(The table goes quiet)
Mikey : My birthday this year was pretty good.
Shane : (Smirks) Oh yeah!
Mikey : The lads had arranged a secret birthday party for me. I thoguht we were doing a late night TV show but instead I was pushed into a room. Then suddenly a huge cake was wheeled in and a girl jumped out of the top! A go-go dancer-type girl.
Shane : A stripper.
Mikey : She wasn't a stripper.
Shane : Yes she was. She got everything out, and all she wore was a piece of string.
Steve : If anyone did anything, she got really upset.
Ronan : Why, did you try something then?
Steve :(Ignoring Ro) She was annoyed cos it messed up her dance routine.
Shane : Who has the photographs of that night?

How often do you appear on TV with hangovers?
Mikey : There are times when we've all been completely cabbaged the morning after a big night out. It's times like that when you say stupid things and afterwards you're like, "Oh no, did I really say that?" It's easy to start thinking you're invincible, but you're not.
Shane : I always make sure I have some Nurofen with me for those hangover mornings.
Keith : We're not in the same situation as most people who go out on the weekends, we're out every night of the week. Every night is a Saturday night to us.

Have you ever really shocked your parents?
Shane : Yeah, a few weeks ago! I took a video camera with me on my last holiday and I hadn't had a chance to see it. So when I went home to me ma and da's, we all sat down to watch it. I couldn't believe the things I was saying, all this swearing, cos I'd just been relaxing with friends. The there were all these shots of topless women on the beach, I just sat there, not daring to catch their eyes, thinking "Oh my God."

When was the last time you had a real go at someone?
Steve : Ah, I have a bad temper, I take after my mum in that way. The thing is it takes an awful lot to make me lose it, but when it does happen, watch out cos I'll snap if I'm pushed too far. I'll grind my teeth together and then I'm like, "I'll kill yeh, I'll kill yeh, I'll wring your neck!" I have actually hit people. I lost my temper with my brother and sister once amd I bashed the two of them at the same time! (Pauses) It's a bad temper. Not many people get to see it, thank God!

Did you ever use your fame to get what you want?
Ronan : It depends. I'd rather walk away than use my name to get into a club, but if I'm after a table in a nice Dublin restaurant I might say that it's for Ronan Keating. The phone line will go quiet for a moment and then they'll say, "Yes, Mr. Keating, we do have a table for you. It's just become available." If I'm out shopping I'll be very upfront, "If your daughter wants an autograph that will be 20 percent off!" Um, that's a joke...

When did you last play a cruel trick on someone?
Shane : Well, we played a prank on Peter Andre when he was on tour with us. We put a picture of his head on a little cartoon body and projected it onto the concert screens while he was performing on stage, making his arms dance about. He saw it, so did his brothers and all the crew. They weren't impressed at all. They definitely didn't see the funny side, which made us laugh even harder!

When was the last time you lied to your parents?
Shane : I was about 17. When I had my first tattoo on my back I didn't tell them. I had to own up eventually because you could see the tattoo in our first video. Luckily, they didn't really mind.
Ronan : I can't lie to my mother cos she knows me too well and if I lied to her she'd slap me.

When did you last play shandy booze games?
Mikey : When we were in Germany, U2 invited us to their hotel for an evening. Everyone went except Shane cos he's not a U2 fan. We started the night drinking Sambuca. Do you know how to drink Sambuca? You pour it into a glass, light it, sniff it and then knock it back in one. We were all slamming it down but when Bono did it, he drank really slowly and his eyes were almost watering. Then Larry from U2 decided to line 12 in a row but couldn't light them, so he comes back this flame thrower-type fire torch - and he still couldn't light them! So I helped out by lighting each one individually and then we drank them all quickly. Yep, that was a good night.

Did you stay out all night when you were younger?
Keith : Yeah. My mum and dad were quite strict and my elder brother hardly ever went out so it was up to me to break the rules. I was told I had to come home on the last bus which was about midnight but, of course, most of the time I never made it to the bus. I'd end up spending the whole night out at parties and nightclubs. I'd try and sneak in about six o' clock but I knew there was trouble if my dad's car wasn't in the driveway. That meant he was driving around the local hospitals looking for me. I'd walk in and me mam would be crying in the kitchen. She'd tell me to go straight to bed before me da got back home. Now my younger brother's 18, he's out three nights in a row and my parents say nothing!

Have you ever trashed your room?
Ronan : I can be really messy but none of us trash rooms.
Keith : I do, I've trashed loads of rooms.
Ronan : You have not.
Keith : Yeah, I have. In my Sean Maguire days, y'know hanging around with Sean, I trashed a few.
Shane : Hey, do you remember that night in Germany?
Ronan : Ah, man!
Shane : We grabbed a load of condoms from a radio station in Germany and took them back to our hotel. We filled them up with water - I tell you, they were huge, you've never seen water balloons like it before! Then we chucked them over the balcony on to the glass roof of the restaurant below.
Ronan : Then one of them burst on Keith and went all over his clothes and bed. The whole place was soaked!

When was the last time you had a fight?
Ronan : I've been in clubs at times when I've gotten into a digging match. You know how it is, just the usual - someone gets the girl, someone doesn't get the girl. Someone gets a slap, someone doesn't get a slap. The usual story.
Keith : I had a party in my house just last month and it turned violent! I had to escort someone to the door in a very rough manner. Once I'd helped him out of the door, well, that's my own business.

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