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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

(From the Smash Hits Issue 26 March-8 April)

"Isn't it a wonder?" croon Ronan, Steve, Mikey, Shane and Keith in their latest single, as well they might. In the last three years Boyzone have toured the planet, selling millions of their singles. here they give us a slightly strange A-Z guide to their world...

A ] [ B ] [ C ] [ D ] [ E ] [ F ] [ G ] [ H ] [ I ] [ J ] [ K ] [ L ]
M ] [ N ] [ O ] [ P ] [ Q ] [ R ] [ S ] [ T ] [ U ] [ V ] [ W ] [ X ] [ Y ] [ Z ]

A is for...
Ronan: AUSTRALIA is always great fun. The last time we went we shot our video for ISN'T IT A WONDER out there. When we were flying to do the video we took a private plane to a place called Broken Hill and one of the engines went and we had to make an emergency landing. We were totally safe so it was a lot of fun, quite exciting. We landed at and airport in the desert. We swapped planes and flew on to do the video.

B is for...
Mikey: In BERLIN we went to see the Berlin Wall remains and the Bradenburg Gate. (The Wall and Gate that used to devide East and West Germany.) It was very, very interesting. We were glad we went to see that.

C is for...
Shane: (Thinks for ages) Er, Sydney? Er, C...C...CARS? I love them and miss them when I go away. I've got a BMW,a Porsche and...
Stephen: (Interrupting) You could have said Chicago.
Shane: I'm doing cars right now. I did carry a picture of a car around with me when I was going to buy new one, but I don't bring pictures of the cars with me now.

D is for...
Steve: DIRECTION, as in where we're going next.
Mikey: What?
Ronan: (Laughing) Well, it's better than car.
Steve: (Carrying on calmly) We're going to South America... all over the place... Brazil and Mexico... We've never been there before so we're really looking forward to it.

E is for...
Keith: ENGLAND is where we started and it's our second home. It's a place that has been very, very good to us.

F is for...
Ronan: (Very enthusiastically) FRANCE! Lovely country. We love the French and always have a good time when we go out there. We like walking to the Eiffel Tower because the hotel where we stay isn't very far from there. It's really cool. There's an excellent restaurant called La Capole, best seafood restaurant we've ever been to.

G is for...
Mikey: GERMANY. The German fans are very nice people. They're an awful lot different to what Irish people or English people are...
Ronan: (Laughing) An awful lot different...
Mikey: Their sense of humour wouldn't be as, er, (struggling to find the right words) humourous as ours. But they're nice people, good fans. We'd like to thank them for their support.

H is for...
Shane: HUNGARY. The fans are great and we're always starving, hey, hey! (Proud of his joke on the dual meanings of Hungary he starts laughing while the rest of the lads groan)

I is for...
Steve: Igloo, that's what I learnt in school.
Shane: But can you spell it?
Steve: I...G...M...U...O
Ronan: I...G...M...U...O????
Mikey: (cominng up with a more sensible suggestion) INDONESIA.
Steve: yeah, Indonesia is somewhere we are doing really well at the moment. We've gone six times platinum with our second album and we're going to go over and do a concert there at the end of the year.

J is for...
Keith: JERUSALEM. I've never been there but we've had two number ones there and we're beginning to become really popular. We get a lot of radio play over there and we know about the city from the Bible.
Mikey: You culd have Japan as well. We're doing really well over there too.

K is for...
Ronan: KEATING- that's my name!
Steve: And tell them where it comes from.
Ronan: It's originally Norman. Keating is a Norman name so the Keatings must have come from France.

L is for...
Keith: It's a county in Ireland.
Mikey: ...and we've performed at the Limerick Theatre Royal. I'ts a beautiful place with great attics(???!!) We've been there a couple of times.
Steve: Do you know any good limericks?
Ronan: Yeah, (straight away):
      There was an old man from Nantucket,
       He kept his cash in a bucket,
       But his daughter named Nan,
       Ran away with a man,
       And as for the bucket, Nan took it.

M is for...
Shane: MONEY. We've got loads of money now. I'm a millionaire. I can't speak for the rest of them, that's their business.
Steve: Are you a millionaire? Give us a few bob.
Mikey: Can you say that I'm not a millionaire? There's no point eriting begging letters to me because I haven't got that much.
Shane: You can write to me.

N is for...
Steve: NEW ZEALAND. A place where I would really love to visit.
Ronan: (Yelling really loudly for no apparent reason except to put Steve off his train of thought) Liar!
Steve: I WOULD love to see it, it's a really beautiful place, but I've no idea how we're doing out there.

O is for...
Keith: Oh... my God.
Steve: Oh my god, we're being interviewed by SMASH HITS.
Keith: OFFOLY.
Ronan: (Putting on a posh accent) Offoly nice people down there.
Keith: Offoly is a county in Ireland (he's struggling now...), has a very good hurling team, good pubs... and I've been there.

P is for...
Ronan: Peter Andre! No, er, P is for PHILIPPINES. We had our first trip out there just recently, in February, and it went really well. We went to this place called Manila and ended up seling an awful lot of albums.

Q is for...
Mikey: Kuala Lumpur?
Mikey: Yeah, Qantas Airlines. When we fly to Australia we fly on Qantas and it's a fabulous experience, wonderful. It's a very good airline.

R is for...
Shane: RUSSIA. A place where we'd like to go. I think we hope to go there sometime. It would be very interesting.

S is for...
Steve: SLOVENIA, that's where we were recently. We didn't get to see the much of the country but we did a TV show for charity- to raise money for children- like a telethon. There's lovely mountains. We flew over them in the airplane and the view was incredible.

T is for...
Keith: Tuberculosis.
Ronan: He had it when he was a kid and hasn't been the same since, ha ha!
Mikey: Tuberculosis is a disease of the lungs...
Keith: Oh no, I haven't had that yet, not yet.
Mikey: Thailand?
Keith: Thailand, yeah, THAILAND. We are always going out there, to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It's our biggest selling market in Asia, our album has sold 170,000 in Thailand alone. We've been there four times, had great fun and we'll be going back there in July.

U is for...
Ronan: (Ambitiously) UNIVERSE! We will crack it. We will be the biggest band we can be in the universe.

V is for...
Ronan: (Trying to keep the theme going) Victory!
Keith: I've been there many times. (The boys used to rent a house very near Victoria Station in London when they started out.) It's a lovely place, many people...
Mikey: (Very seriously) Yes, Victoria Station is a beautiful place, adn if you stand there long enough, you might see a tube train going by.

W is for...





WORLD, yes, hopefully something we will conquer.

X is for...
Steve: X-FACTOR.
Ronan: Yes, good one, Steve!
Steve: It's something we don't know, but it's something that's helped us achieve success.
Shane: We don't know what the answer is...
Ronan: No one knows...
Shane: It's the hidden quality that Boyzone have that makes us so successful.

Y is for...
Shane: Why? (Trying to be deep) Why are we here?
Keith: Y.M.C.A. Er, I haven't got a clue what I'm saying...
Mikey: Yugoslavia.
Keith: That's not 'Y', that's 'U'.
Ronan: (Groaning) Where did we get him from?
Keith: O.K. YUGOSLAVIA. It's a place that has now broken up into loads and loads of different countries, some of which we're quite successful in...(tried to make up for his earlier mistake, but fails towards the end)some of which have a democratic society and some of which are still alienated from something else in the world...

Z is for...
Ronan: ZONE- Boyzone. Coming to you in the next issue, and every issue of SMASH HITS! Yes!

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