The First Sighting
The year 1991. It was the admission day forthe first year Pre Degree Students & there was this huge crowd of freshies & their parents & relatives crowded around the auditorium. The chotta politicians were also there trying to recruit fresh blood & there were guys like me standing afar but trying to get a glimpse of the new girls all the same. And then I saw her in a pink chudi trying to get into the auditorium. To get a good look at her , the same afternoon I waited for an hour outside the ladies hostel . Well it was worth the wait.
I definitely did not notice him on the admission day, and although he waited outside the hostel for so long , it was of no use cos by then I had made myself comfy in my room & had no plans of risking myself for the "ragging gang" standing outside. Hehehehe. Anyway, the first time I met him was on the first day of his BCom. He was introduced to me by a common friend of ours, Dhanya (who later became one of our bosom pals). Little did I know then that this scrawny little lad, who supposedly had a moustache that needed a magnifying lens to be seen, would later turn to be the man of my life.
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