The Beginning

Jimmy and Spike met 7 years ago ( that is in 1991), on the set of the late night TV show called The Hitman And Her , which was one of those shows where bands who couldn't get a gig , get to perform in front of an audience ,pretending to have lots of fun. They were both dancers on that TV show and eventually ended up more popular with the audience than most of the acts that performed on the show ! Lee , at that time was a bowl polisher .
Jimmy and Spike then formed a group and together with their management , came up with the name 911 . They were looking for the third member when they met Lee at a show in which they were dancing. Lee had taken his sister , Rebecca , to watch the show . Lee went to get Jimmy and Spike's autographs for his sister and then all three of them started talking and hit it off. Lee had always wanted to get into the music business but he didn't know how to .So there , they exchanged telephone numbers and then Lee auditioned for the place and he got it . Now , the trio was born!!Lee told his sister that he would buy her a goldfish (he was joking ). If it was not for Rebecca , Lee wouldn't be part of the fantastic trio...911 . In the end , Lee bought Rebecca a jacket instead .
In the year 1996,in March , 911 released their debut single Night To Remember , a remake of the 80s disco classic, formerly done by Shamalar on their independent record label,Ginga Recording Company. It climbed up the UK charts at No.38.In August,their 2nd single , Love Sensation reached No.21 at the UK charts and caught the attention of the major record company , Virgin Records ( The record company of The Spice Gals and Kavana too ) .In October, 911 get signed to Virgin Records and together with Ginga Recording Company , boosted 911's success!!!