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July 1998

Author :
Aditi Mukherjee

Here are some Links of other Boyzone pages. I have'nt had the time to check most of them out. In fact I just compiled all the links pages I could find. I know it's a sad thing to do, but I could not help it. I have a college to go to and get myself an education so I can stop groveling for and using other people's computers and buy myself one. Mine is a tragic story *sniff* . So please bear with me and don't throw a fit or get angry or anything. If you want me to change anything I will do so as soon as some kind soul lets me use their computer.
Official Pages

l The Official Boyzone Website - run by Polydor, BZ's record company

l BOYZONE USA - the OFFICIAL USA fan club homepage

Unofficial Pages

l Angel's Sanctuary

l Angie's Boyzone Page

l And Now It's Time For Something Else

l Around The World With Boyzone

l Avianti's Boyzone Corner

l A Different Beat Guestbook

l Bianca's Boyzone Page

l "Boyzone...and more!"

l Boyzone Backstage


l Boyzone "Bloke Power" Site

l Boyzone Central

l Boyzone City, Oman

l Boyzone Day Page

l Boyzone District

l Boyzone: Facts and Figures

l Boyzone Fan Pages

l Boyzone Fanzone

l Boyzone Flipzone

l Boyzone Forever!

l Boyzone France

l Boyzone "International"

l Boyzone In Hong Kong

l Boyzone Madness!!!

l Boyzone Mega Mailing-List Page

l Boyzone O N L I N E

l Boyzone On-line Magazine

l Boyzone Room

l "Boyzone Rules"

l Boyzone: The Page

l Boyzone: The True Story

l Boyzone's World

l Catherine's BZ/BSB Page

l Chloe's Boyzone Page

l Chrissy's Boyzone Retreat

l Clair's Boyzone Homepages

l Clio's Boyzone Page

l Dabs and May's Page

l Daniela's South American Zone

l Debbie's Boyzone Page

l December's Realm of Boyzone

l Gail's Webpage

l Gilli's Boy-Bands Page

l Gowri's Boyzone Page

l Home of the Jollybean

l International Organization of Boyzone Fans

l Internat-ional Boyzone Page

l Irma's Wacky Boyzone World

l I Love Stephen Gately Page

l Karen's TT/BZ Page

l Katie's Boyzone Page

l Katrien's Boyzone Website

l Kelvin Kok's Boyzone Page

l Key To Boyzone

l Leeann's Boyzone Page

l Lilymay's Boyzone Gallery

l Lisa's Tribute to Shane Lynch

l Mabsy's Boyzone Picture Page

l Malaysian BZ Fan Zone WEB

l MaximuM BoyzonE

l May's Cool Boyzone World

l MMMZone

l Monica's Boyzone Page

l Natalia's Steve Page

l Nicky's Boyzone Page

l Nicole's Boyzone Page

l Noaf's Boyzone Page

l Oksana's Shane Lynch page

l Planet Boyzone

l Princess Peanut's BOYZONE Palace

l Ria's Boyzone Page

l RBZM - The Boyzone Online Mag

l Roxie's Boyzone Page

l Sannas Sida

l Scottish Boyzone Page

l Shane Can I Hold You?

l Sistababe's Boyzone Page: Where We Belong

l Sonia's Boyzone Page

l Steve Gately Page

l Take That and Boyzone: Now and Then

l THE BOYZ - Fans Communicate

l The World of Boyzone

l Ultimate Boyzone Page

l Welcome To The World of Zoners

l A Different Beat


l Boyzone Corner

l Take That & Boyzone: Now and Then

l Boyzone Fan Pages

I just read what I wrote up there and I know that it sounds really retarded but my story is sadly and pathetically true. I swear on Boyzone. You've just gotta belive me now.

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